IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS Exam PreparationAlthough many students have studied English in their native countries it is unlikely that they would be ready to write an IELTS  exam without any formal preparation. Most students have studied English at some time, not necessarily just before coming to Canada. Each and every student’s experience with English in his/her native country is completely different and that is why a placement test is necessary. Any ESL tutor with experience will advise the following:

Before starting formal preparation for the IELTS it is mandatory that you write a placement test to determine your level of English. Your level of English will determine how much preparation you will need. I would advise being tested by a professional ESL Teacher. All your language skills must be evaluated. They include reading, writing, listening and speaking. Most students attempt to write the IELTS Exam without adequate preparation. This almost always leads to disappointment.

A professional ESL Teacher will recommend a course of study to guarantee success.

Studying English in Canada, where English is spoken is different from studying in your native country. Being surrounded by English speaking people and being forced to communicate in English will accelerate the learning process. Also, learning English here in Canada is your main objective and focus in order to pass the exam and move on to the next phase of your life.

There are different ways to prepare formally for an IELTS Exam:

  • You can decide you purchase a self-study guide.There are some on the market and work on your own.
  •  You can enroll in an ESL school where your English will be evaluated and you will be placed accordingly. Depending on your level of English this process could take any length of time from a few months to a year or more. Your will be placed in a class, usually no more than 10 students. If the number is more than 10, I wouldn’t advise staying at that school because there are just too many students in the class to receive the attention that you need.  For some students a group setting is advisable in order to meet other people in their new country and be able to socialize.At a school you will be guaranteed of being taught by a qualified ESL Teacher.
  • You can hire a private teacher to tutor you. Make sure you ask for  a resume and references. Also make sure you are dealing with a qualified professional ESL Teacher. This private teacher will evaluate your level of English and recommend a suitable course of study. The advantage of hiring a private teacher to tutor you is that you will receive undivided attention and possibly achieve your goals faster.

Whatever you decide it is important to discipline yourself and do the work!

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